Rolling Rotating Rim / Wheel / Tire Detailing Stand in Red & Black

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  • SKU GA-SP00156

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Enhance your detailing essential with this rolling wheel stand! Rotate each of your wheel as you scrub & clean each inch. Designed for detailers like you, it provides added efficiency, making the process of cleaning each rim / tire /  wheel a breeze.

Comparable / Similar to: Adam's Rolling Wheel Detailing Stand

Key Features:

Efficiency: Users can clean and polish simultaneously.
Wear-resistant: Crafted from high-quality iron, our material undergoes rigorous quality monitoring during production.
Easy Installation: Comes with an attached instruction manual for hassle-free setup.
Space-saving: When not in use, it conveniently folds and can be stored in a box.
This wheel stand is a reliable and tested product, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
Product Dimension: Approx. 75cm x 70cm x 38cm | or | 27.56 inches x 14.96 inches
How to Use
Rolling wheel stand Instruction:
Step 1 Remove the wheels from the vehicle
Step 2 Place the wheel on the wheel stand
Step 3 Rotate the wheel to clean, polish it

Broadfeet® Metal Wheel Stand is equipped with three supports to securely hold the wheel, and three cylinders provide added protection for the car wheel. Designed by our experienced professional manufacturer with a decade of expertise, it boasts a simple and serene appearance. The stand is not only stationary but also mobile, thanks to the addition of wheels on the base.