Tesla Model Y Interior Dashboard w. CARPLAY & Ambient RGB LED Light Upgrade Kit

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Available Tesla Model Y Interior Upgrades & Accessories located in New Hyde Park, New York. Are you still looking to upgrade and customize your Tesla Model Y? Make it way more entertaining with Broadfeet® Interior Accessories & Parts that is compatible with your Tesla Model Y.

This listing is for the upgrade and replacement of the dashboard console with a multi function screen. The screen is capable of CARPLAY via Bluetooth, Control Panel for Ambient LED Light, and display of vehicle's operation information. 

Why Upgrade?
•Run CARPLAY® as you drive your Tesla Model Y
•You can now use WAZE® as you drive AND still have the Tesla Model Y Factory Navigation
•Have Ambient LED Light that is controllable with preset mode according to your preference
•Visualize your Speedometer in front of you as your drive

Kit Includes
(1 set) Aftermarket Dashboard Replacement with Screen (Touch Screen) (1 qty)
(1 set) Audio Stereo Speaker Replacement (6 pieces)
(1 set) Ambient LED Light for the 1st and 2nd row for Door Panels
(1 set) Ambient LED Light for the 1st row Center Console 
(1 set) Mounting Wires for Installation (Connection points are on the passenger side)
Note: Aftermarket Yoke Steering Wheel is NOT included with this listing purchase. Purchase separately. In the event this product is not returned with the full kit, you will NOT be able to receive a full credit refund and may be decline of return. 

Seek a sales representative for additional information.