Rear Double Pipe (DP480) Bumper Guard fits Mini Cooper Countryman 2012-2016

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  • Type Rear Double Pipe
  • SKU RDMN-480-51-BLACK
  • Barcode 653180284205

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Rear Double Pipe (DP480) Bumper Guard, Parking Protector fits Mini Cooper Countryman 2012, Countryman 2013, Countryman 2014, Countryman 2015, Countryman 2016. Shop Exterior Parts & Accessories for Mini Cooper Countryman 2012-2016 (1st Generation R60 Model Code) 

Rear Bumper Guard
Style: Tubular Bumper Guard
Model Number: DP480
Model Type: Rear Double Pipe with Middle Drop Down
Material / Color: Steel with Black Powder Coat Finish

Kit Includes
(1 qty) Rear Double Pipe Bumper Guard Parking Protector
(1 set) Mounting Bracket Kit for Installation

Installation Remarks
• Utilize the vehicle's rear towing hook points for installation