Detailing / Car Wash Towel - Suede & Coral Velvet (Dark Grey) for Interior Glass & Dust

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Suede Coral Velvet Composite Towel (Dary Grey)
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A versatile towel designed for dual purposes – clearing dust on one side and wiping glass on the other. An excellent addition to your detailing essentials collection. 

Detailing / Car Wash Towel 
Style:  Suede & Coral Velvet
Color: Dark Grey
Ideal Usage: Vehicle Interior / Multipurpose - Cleaning & Drying 
Ideal Function: Dual-purpose function system: 

  1. One side for wiping glass
  2. 2Another side for wiping dust

Construction Quality: 500gsm 60g/piece
Dimension: 30cm x 40cm || 11.81" x 15.75" inches
Material: 100% Polyester
SKU: GA-SP00283

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Super Absorbent Towels: Quickly absorbs more than 5 times its own mass of water, making it the fastest and most efficient towel for cleaning and drying car paint, glass windows, leather seats, water stains, dust, etc.

Suede & Coral Velvet Double-sided Design: Crafted from suede and coral velvet materials, allowing you to wipe water stains with coral velvet and dust with suede. Leaves your car looking as clean as new without any residue.

Super Soft & Non-Damaging: The edges of the drying towel are trimmed with a soft stretch cloth to ensure no damage to car paint. Its spiral twisted woven structure hardly leaves lint on your car paint, glass, or hands.

Proper Size & Reusable: With dimensions of 30x40cm, it's the perfect size for your hands. These car wash towels are machine-washable, tumble-dryable, and can be reused multiple times.