Detailing / Car Wash Towel - Microfiber Twisted Braided Cloth (RED & GREY) for Buffing & Drying

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Detailing / Car Wash Towel 
Style: Microfiber Twisted Braided Cloth
Color: RED & GREY
Ideal Usage: for Buffing & Drying 
Construction Quality: 650gsm
Dimension: 40cm x 40cm || or || 15.75 inches
SKU: GA-SP00087

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Ultimate Buffing Towel: Designed for superior grip, making wax and sealant removal a breeze. This super plush buffing towel excels in the removal of waxes with ease.

Versatile Drying: Best suited for drying wet surfaces or for use with quick detail and waterless car wash products.

Multi-purpose Double-sided Design: Features a microfiber layer for quick water absorption and a cloth layer for efficient cleaning.

Time and Money Saver: Save time, money, and protect your paint by avoiding trips to the car wash. The premium quality material and edgeless design ensure no scratches on your car paint.

Ultra-Soft and Non-Abrasive: Plush, long-pile non-abrasive microfiber cloths that won't scratch paints, coats, or other surfaces. Suitable for various applications such as crystal, mirrors, tiles, windows, cars, hands, dishes, and more.