Detailing / Car Wash Mitt & Gloves - Microfiber Chenille Style (RED / WHITE) for Washing & Cleaning

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  • SKU GA-SP00126-20count

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Detailing / Car Wash Tool Essentials - Mitt & Gloves -
Polyester Microfiber Chenille Style (RED / WHITE) for Washing & Cleaning

Style: Cloth
Size: One Size Only
Color: Red & White
Ideal Usage: Ideal for initial step car washing, cleaning and scrubbing
Material: 20% nylon & 80% polyester
Dimension: 8" x 12" inches

SKU: GA-SP00095

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Premium Microfiber Quality: Professional-grade wash mitt with long fibers that hold plenty of suds and water.

Safe & Scratch-Free: Suitable for all paint types, as well as glass, bumpers, wheels, and more.

Gentle Performance: Soft microfiber that gently lifts and traps dirt and grime, ensuring scratch-free cleaning.

Super Absorbent: Absorbs and carries more suds, allowing for faster and safer washing.

Comfort Features: Includes a comfort-fit cuff and a soft inner lining for ease of use and added comfort during washing.