Aluminum Running Boards R66 Series (RB175) fits Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 - Standard Cab

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  • Type Running Boards - R66 Series (RB175)
  • SKU SBTO-771X-R66-175-BLK

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Universal Aluminum Running Boards • Side Steps 
Broadfeet® R66 Series (RB175)
Length: 175cm long
Width: Approx. 5-6 inches wide
Weight: Supports up to 300lbs of stepping in and out the vehicle

Available in:
•Black Finish without LED Light
•Amber (Yellow/Orange) Ambient LED Light
•Blue Ambient LED Light
•Red Ambient LED Light
•White Ambient LED Light

Kit Includes
1. Driver Side Running Board
1. Passenger Side Running Board
1. Mounting Bracket Kit for Installation fits: Toyota Tacoma 05-15 - Standard Cab
1. If applicable with selection, wiring kit for Ambient LED Light installation. Hardwired to your vehicle's courtesy door light wiring or your choice of preference.

Compatibility Information: 
***Recommended for standard cab only because the running boards are only 175cm long***

2005 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2006 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2007 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2008 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2009 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2010 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2011 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2012 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2013 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2014 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, 2015 Toyota Tacoma Standard Cab, Exterior Accessories Parts Universal Running Board Side Step with Ambient Courtesy LED Light Mounting Bracket Included Mounts To Vehicle Factory Rocker Panel 

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