2" Hitch Receiver Accessories - R66 Series 36" Hitch Step

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  • Type 2" Hitch Receiver - Accessories
  • SKU HS-R66-36-BLACK
  • Barcode 638455907539

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Looking for additional accessories to add to your 2" Hitch Towing Receiver?
This most iconic, classic, and straightforward hitch step can't go wrong in any way. 
Built with a 6" inch. extruded aluminum construction rectangular tubing / tubular style and a standard width of 36" inch.

Available in either :
• Black Finish without LED Light
• Black Finished with Integrated Ambient LED Light in RED Color

Compatible with 2" Towing Factory Style Hitch Receiver

Kit Includes: 
1. Exterior Rear Towing Hitch Receiver Accessories - Hitch Step R66 Series in 36" Inch. 
1. Locking Pin to Secure Pedal Step
1. If Applicable, Integrated Ambient LED Light with Wiring Pin for Connection